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Scene Definition
The Concept of a Scene
   A scene is a nuclear event, the smallest unit of data inventoried in Bikini Science. It almost always consists of one or more pictures (possibly videos), a title, text, and unique idno. In practice it contains about 60 fields with data about the event described and contained.
   In Bikini Science at attempt is made to define a Scene in accordance with classic English playwriting, when a change of scene occurs whenever a player enters or leaves the stage, or whenever the location or time frame changes.
   Scenes therefore usually depict one or a few bikiniites in one or a changing costume at one location along a period of time, usually minutes to hours.

Examples of Scenes
    Scenes are stored especially at the third layer in Models, the Time Machine, and the Beaches. Each is a member of a Model Dubya, a Time Machine Half-Decade Dubya, or a Beach.
   Model scenes include a collection of individual bikinis worn by a pose model, or a collection of swimsuits worn by a celebrity across decades.
   Time Machine Scenes are grounded in a half-decade and frequently include explain media.
   Beach Scenes are most typically candids shot on location and grounded in time.
   In almost all cases these Scenes depict one subject at one location at during one time and wearing one bikini.
   These scenes are our nuclear building blocks because it is with them that we build Dubyas. Or in other words, most scenes belong to, or are an example of, more than one Dubya. In Bikini Science each Scene is located in a five-dimensional information space where every attempt is made to locate it in Models, Costumes, Time Machine, Beaches and The Professor. By no means is every scene located in all dimensions of space; but by all means every scene is located in at least one axis.

Scene Definition in Costumes
   Scenes in Costumes are the individual species of swimwear. They include the Bra, Bandeau, and Halter species in the Soutien-gorge genus; they V-kini, G-string, and Nombril in Culotte; the Maillot Strapless in the Maillot, the Unitard in the Tards, and so on. So in the case of Costumes, the scenes are not nuclear events in space-time but a species of swimwear.

Scene Definitions in The Professor
   As with Costumes, Scenes in The Professor represent "species" of ideas. Scenes include such benign entities as Credits and Bibliography, as well as this very document "Scene Definition".
   Among the most important collection of ideas in The Professor is the Exposures Dubya, which contains Scenes defining Fashion Lines and Exposures Codes, but also Scenes describing over a dozen Primary Exposures, including Cleavage, Bellage, Hairage, Buttage, and so on.

A Note About Linking to Scenes
   Although all Scenes have but one natural "parent", or Dubya they link Up to, virtually they may have several. In other words, more than one Dubya may see a Scene as a daughter. Marilyn Monroe's red calendar nude is virtually hers as well as 1945-1950's.
   This is also true with Scenes linking to Scenes, especially when the Scenes are located in Costumes and The Professor's Exposures. In both of these cases it is scene level organizations that are pulling together other scenes. (This represents a kind of violation of the rules that only Dubyas represent ideas, because for example in the case of the Exposures, Cleavage is clearly an idea, yet it is relegated to Scene (not Dubya) status. It is not a perfect world, dear Bikini Scientist. As you can see we have returned to the bikini silhouettes vs. the component parts dubya issue--both the aggregates and the component pieces are important. Or perhaps Exposures should be elevated to Category, so the Primary Exposures may be Dubyas. This kind of design kink will just have to stay for the time being.)
Bikini Science Terms
Scenes are the Leaf Cards of Bikini Science.