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Dubya Definition
The Concept of a Dubya
   A Dubya is a topic which is more or less able to stand on its own. It is not an isolated Scene but usually an amalgamation of Scenes that form an idea. The idea arises from the commonality of the scenes. Cleavage, for example is a topic of its own, a Dubya, and quite independent from its many instances.

Examples of Dubyas
   Examples of Dubyas in Bikini Science include individuals who appear in the Models, the various genus of swimsuits, half-decade time buckets, the beaches, and the Exposures, found in the Professor section.
   The Exposure Dubyas, for example, gather together a display of various parts of the body: cleavage, bellage, leggage, posterior rugage, and so on.
   The Models Dubyas attempt to locate representatives from various periods, as well as anchor clusters. Example clusters include Bikini Contests, Auditions, Family Photo Albums, and so on. Some of the talent is amateur, some not.
   The Chronology Dubyas pulse once for each half-decade back to 1900, with resolution fanning out in four steps back to the Garden of Eden.
   The Beach Dubyas present a bird's eye view of a real-world sample scenes.

Dubya Definition in Costumes
   Dubya definition in Costumes is more complex. We treat the Bathing Dress and Maillot as dubyaDubya definition in Costumes is more complex. We treat the Bathing Dress and Maillot as dubyas and equate them to genus in a biological ordering. The Scenes beneath them all involve modification in some manner and are equivalenced to species. For example, a maillot strapless, a maillot tank, or a maillot tanga. All are maillot genus, but species variations.
   Unitards and the -Tards form a third genus.
   This brings us to the deux-pièces, the bikini, and topless, and how we treat them. One choice is as three additional genera, and another choice is to treat both the top and bottom as genus. Should the costume as a whole be the genus or the two compoent parts of the the bikini be awarded genus status? Which should be the dubya component--the "topic." Let's examine this problem.
   First, there are indeed classic bikini silhouettes: the deux-pièces, the bikini, the topless tanga, and so on, and these then are topics in their own right. But....
   Bikinis are also put together on come-see-come-saw basis: There are many different and various species of tops (e.g., halters, bandeaus, bras and others), and there are many different and various species of bottoms (e.g., shorts, panties, g-strings,...) A string halter may be accompanied with a string brief or a g-string. The a bra is equally at body with a nombril as is a bandeau, indeed most any top can be combined with any bottom. Indeed, this wonderful playfulness helps makes bikini so fun.
   Thus species of tops and bottomes lend support for a top and a bottom dubya, thus the Soutien-gorge and Culotte genus.
   This structure fails perhaps the ideas of silhouettes such as the deux-pièces or the string; for these swimsuit silhouettes do indeed have their own resonance. Toward this end we have tried to develop swimsuit silhouettes in the chronology pages, where for each half-decade we attempt to gather together the Soutien-gorge and Culotte that dominate the period. For example, Rita Hayworth in the early 1940s might tie together a shelf halter and panty into a deux-pièces silhouette.
Dubya Definition
Explanation of a Dubya.