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Crotage Defined
   Crotage is the display of the region between the legs by opening the legs apart. Crotage exists both when that region is covered with a garment of some kind, such as a panty, as well as when it is uncovered and bare. Thus the primary defining characteristic is the open-legged posture.
   The simplest example is a woman in a bikini sitting with her legs apart (MHC331), but the term also applies to similar displays of underwear when the subject is wearing a dress or skirt overtop, or to displays of the genitals when the subject is pantyless underneath. Crotage is an erotic practice because it calls attention to the pubic region.
   If the skin is bare crotage always presumes pubage and the exposure code of P. Note that the inverse is not true, a subject can be pubage but not crotage, that is can can be naked but have their legs together, or crossed for that matter. However if the skin is covered the term can still be used to represent a position of the body.

Crotage Wildlife Practice
   Crotage is almost impossible to practice standing and is found--when it is found--by subjects sitting and lying back (Vero8702). Sometimes the subject uses the opened crotch area as a place to rest bottles or lotion (as with NH8405, a female and NH8408, a male).
   Crotage is seen on bikini as well as topless beaches (SM8511). When the subject is wearing a tanga crotage can be quite explicit (Ft. Lauderdale, and richness from Brazil and Sesembra).
   Sometimes a subject's culotte may be ajar, contributing to inadvertent exposure (C8942).
   When very tight crotage, as with spandex on bare skin, defines the anatomy of the subject's pubic region this is called a camel toe, after the shape.
   When crotage is performed bottomless or with a crotchless creating then exposure of genitals is inevitable, as with the rash of "vagflashing" after 2007.
Crotage is the positioning of the legs apart so as to permit visual access between the legs--with or without a culotte.
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