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Backage Defined
   Backage is the exposure of the back, including low cut as well as topless designs. In some cultures, especially at various time in Asia, the back is considered the most erotic of erogenous zones.
   Backage is typically controlled by the neckline, one of the fashion lines.
   There is no exposure code for backage, but it is related to code T and also to neckline.

Backage on High
   Important landmarks on the upper back include the neck, shoulder blades, spine, and shoulders. Exposures of all of these regions can be manipulated by silhouette include the scoop neckline (which exposes the neck and upper back), the t-back (which can cover the spine but accentuate the shoulder blades, shoulder straps (which worn high or low can focus attention on the shoulders), single shoulder straps (which bare one shoulder completely), and cutouts (large cutouts can emphasize the center back, and the bralessness of a subject).

Landmarks of the Lower Back
   The lower back is an extremely important place because it comes into play in all nombril and subsequent designs, as well as in scoop-back maillot. Key landmarks include the base of the spine, the lozenge of Michaelis, sacral dimples (CI8912), and ultimately, the posterior rugae.
Reference to Back Styles
   Some of the various back styles are detailed at the backs soutien-gorge section.

   The back is full of erotic locations.