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How to Measure Bra Size

Europe and North America
1920 and beyond BSD8895



   A bra size is a measurement that describes the size of a soutien-gorge. Although it does measure a bra size it is more accurately a breast measurement, and is applicable to the size of a halter or bandeau as well.
   A bra size is composed to two parts: the girth around the body, and the cup size.
   The girth size is measured directly around the fullest part of the bust. The arms should be at the sides and the subject standing erect (1)
   The cup size is determined by first taking a second measurement, this one around the torso directly below the bust. This second measurement should be subtracted from the first and the difference used to determine the cup size. If the difference is:
   up to 1" the cup size is A
   up to 2" the cup size is B
   up to 3" the cup size is C
   up to 4" the cup size is D
   up to 5" the cup size is DD
   up to 6" the cup size is F
   up to 7" the cup size is FF

   A 34B is an average measurement for an American in her twenties or thirties.
   Measuring the size of the bikini is desdribed on the leaf How to Measure Bikini Size (BSD8893).

   Bikini Scientist research. 1 picture.