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How to Measure the Bikini Size

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   The bikiniitte as well as the bikini scientist are both advised that swimsuits are manufactured in a variety of sizes. There are two reasons for this. First, so that the bikiniitte may choose a garment of the right size, and secondly, so that the bikiniite may choose a bikini which is too small.
   Obviously, the bikini scientist is concerned with all of the measurements of the bikiniitte as well as the costume, but there are too many ways to do this to develop them in detail here. This analysis is limited to four critical measurements which are of paramount importance in determing the "right size," that the size of the swimsuit that is designed to optimally fit the body of the bikiniitte. Obviously, accurate measurements are important.
    The four measurements are the bust, waist, hips, and torso. These together determine the size of the swimsuit, a single number which approximates all of these properities. Different manufactures have different size equivalents, and the chart below is an approximation.
   The proper measurement technique is described forthwith. All measures should be taken with the subject standing straight.
   Measure the bustline at its fullest part with the subject standing straight. Take the measurement in front.
   Measure the waistline at its narrowest part with the waist.
   Measure around the hips and the buttocks at their fullest part. Keep the tapemeasure firm but do not draw it into the hip and make it too tight.
   Measure the torso from the high point of the shoulder at the neck, down through the crotch and up the back to the same shoulder point.
   The first three of these is the standard 34-24-36 fmeasure often used for models.
   A typical size chart follows (1). Size charts vary among manufacturers, since they assign the sizes of their products.

Bust          Waist         Hips       Size
30.0-31.5   22.0-23.0   32.5-33.5    3
31.5-32.5   23.0-24.0   33.5-34.5    5
32.5-33.5   24.0-25.0   34.5-35.5    7
33.5-34.5   25.0-26.0   35.5-36.5    9
34.5-36.0   26.0-27.0   36.5-37.5   11
36.0-37.5   27.0-28.5   37.5-39.0   13
37.5-39.0   28.5-30.0   39.0-40.5   15

   Another measurement, the determination of bra cup size, is described in How to Measure Bra Size (BSD8895).

   Bikini Science Research Department. 1 picture.