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The Waistband Defined
   The waistband is a circular string or cord worn around the waist. Usually worn topless, it is one of the simplest primitive costumes (LL5906), but also one which is occasionally contemporary (EP8458).

The Waistband Origins
   The origins of the waistband are discussed in detail in the Time Machine in the section on Primitive Costumes. In a decorative sense, the waistband may be elaborated with material or an ornament which hangs from the waist in the front (JF192201). When the waistband widens it becomes a pelvic ornament. The waistband does not cover the genitals, but in other cultures it may become augmented with an apron (LL5908) which results, in official Bikini Science parlance, in the loincloth. It has also been said that a waistband plus a fig leaf equals a loincloth. This evolution often entails raising the waistline.
   It is also worth noting that the waistband plus a cache-sexe, coupled with a string through the posterior rugae produces the g-string; whereas a waistband and full back produces the string bikini bottom.

The Modern Era
   All of these so-called primitive costumes survive into the modern era where they continue to be worn as daily costumes (JF192201, LL5906, LL5908).
   After 1900, these primitive themes are also restaged in modern pinup literature. Waistbands can serve as a costume for otherwise nude models (AM600BS). This early twentieth century costume combines a waistband with a loosely a flowing skirt that lacks closure (AZ191710). Here a waistband is worn alone (SS8301). And here a variation on the waistband, the belly chain, is combined with a bikini (JW6410) as well as a topless variations (C8902-03).
The waistband is a most primitive costume.
Waistband topless
Primitive Costumes
Primitive Costumes
Primitive waistbnd
Fig Leaf
Fig Leaf
String Brief
Cage Halter and Pierced Nipples
Alla Nazimova Pre-Bikini Bikini
Cage Bra and Pierced Nipples
Topless bikini belly chain