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Microkini (the Ultra-mini)

Microkini Defined
   The extreme of the v-kini is the microkini, aka the ultra-mini, a v-kini minimized to ride inside the inguinal, reduced to string sides, and barely covering any remaining pubic hair that remains after depilation. It assumes at least some of the buttocks are covered (if only to not be classified as a g-string). In a sense the microkini marries the string and the v-kini in the smallest possible silhouette (EC0732A).
   The microkini is distinguished from the 1970's string in that its avoids the more horizontal lower waistband. Rather it plunges at the middle center toward the forbidden zones (in the spirit of the v-kini) and minimizes the sides (KP8912). Sometimes the microkini is even v-notched in the front (SM8516).

The Ultimate Microkini
   The microkini silhouette is first seen in the early1980s, where it is worn only by subjects who are prepared to challenge just how small a bikini one can wear (F198310, J198310, Vero8408).
   In the late 1970s, the temptation of flesh has been how much pubic hair a woman is willing to show above her bathing suit, or how much she is willing to shave to wear "the lowest suit possible." Depilation is not a new trend in swimwear; women have been shaving themselves between their legs since the 1940s, but the deep microkinis force new extremes. In the 1980s the battleground shifts to the side of one's suit. The show of hair is still considered vulgar, and this is the first time bikiniites must address the side of the pubis inside the inguinal and depilate it of hair (KW8602, AO9110, JE8906). In fact, the more industrious competitor has little choice but to shave or get a "bikini wax" (RP8809).
   Toward the end of the 1980s the top of the culotte adopts a slide casing, producing the adjustable (NYC8501, CI9106C), although the smallest imprints remain viable into the 21st century. It is difficult to get smaller than this adhesive sideless (WMA7CH).

Serious Silhouettes
   Because it is small to begin with, the microkini tends to marry with small tops--or no tops at all. These include, perhaps in the most natural way, the string halter in many variations (EC0732A), including the slide-side (Vero8701). But other very small tops also can step up to the plate, include the micro-bra, various cutout (EC0732J) and demi-bra configurations, and pasties (LO8913).
   Once again, it is assumed that g-strings frequently assume microkini sizes and that the difference is that the g-string is always bare-butted.

A bandeau and microkini combine two ideas from the early 1980s.
String Bikini
String Brief
Early 1980s
Early 1980s
VeroBeach Florida 1984
Jenny Horn microkini bikini
Riis Park New York 1988
Coney Island New York 1987
microkini sideless
VeroBeach Florida 1987
Japanese Boobless
Linda Otis pasties bikini