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Montante Evolution
   Culotte montante emerges during the late 1980s as the rising legline rushes up toward the waistline. The response of the waistline to the rising legline is to either dip sharply in the front, forming the v-kini silhouette, or to hold level and rise, recover the pelvis and close in on the navel, forming the montante silhouette (JH8501, FI8812, CI9106C), with its high-waisted waistline. Montante also evolves as silhouette in the emerging exercise wear industry, where, as with swimwear, ribbed elastics (JE8907A, JE8907B) aid in controlling the stomach, especially with fitness- onscious middle-aged women.

Montante Philosophy
   The trend of montante to recover the belly from below is also coupled with a trend to recover the belly from above, for example a widening bandeau (RP8506, FI8805A) or the tankini (RP8509, N198601).
   In some designs this advance stops short of the umbilicus, leaving it bare (M90085, LV9110E, SL92041); other resolutions come to rest level with it (C8969, M90080, CB9186C), or in the extreme case, elevate the culotte well above the natural waistline (LV9009, CI9106E) sometime in the extreme (CK198810).
   Montante's sides vary depending upon the height of the legline and can vary from narrow to quite deep. A high-legline v-kini cut encourages side straps that are narrow (C8980, CB9186C) to wide (C8994, CI9106C). These narrowed silhouettes aid in exposing buttage (SL92040) and the inguinal (M90104), even when the side is wide (GO901104). On the other hand, a low-legline produces a very full side (LV9110E, CI9106E, M92211, KH90014, M90101).

Related Culotte Species
   The very nature of montante's high waistline enables it to engage a full bottom (JE8907B) or a tanga behind (JE8907A). In fact it may be noted that tanga silhouette is often by nature montanted (e.g., IAB9109).
   That montante has a high waistline invites the adventuresome bikiniette to de roulè; montante thus always has the potential of rolldown (again, JE8907A, JE8907B).
   The spirit of montante can also manifest in certain maillot designs, including the suspender maillot, sidering miokini (FI8821 is an early example), and others.
   Montante is almost always devoid of fasteners, so this zipper front (M9227) is an exception.

Soutien-Gorge Combinations
   That montante is most popular with bandeau (CI9106E), or the bra (FI8812, LE90066) perhaps because they can combine suspense with a fuller shape. But it is also comboed with the halter (C8970, CB9186C) and slide-side (KH9016), and frequently worn topless.

   Rolldown tankini and culotte montante. The montante recovers belly upward.