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Tattoo Contestants Lineup

Houston, Texas
September 1985 H8548-56

Left to right:
   The Flower Thigh Contestant: Black shirt over black high-legline maillot tanga. Collar.
   Debbie Hill: Purple string bikini.
   Ms. Dragon Hip: White string halter and black sidestrapped tanga underwear.
   Winona Martin: Red criss-cross halter and string tanga.

   TLA. Cleavage.
   TML. N-5. Buttage.
   TMLB. N-3.
   TMLB. N-4. Armpit.

   Four women pose for the camera and show off their tattoos (1), also a back (2) and line view (3). The Flower Thigh Girl's rooster grasps a branch and is surrounded by elaborate flowers (4); in the closeup you can see it is freshly tattooed (5). Debbie Hill pulls her neck strap aside to show her work (6). A tiger pounces on a skull and a panther emerges from under a flower and leaps over two bolts of lightening (7). She stands with Spider Web (8). A dragon's head glides by some waves Ms. Dragon Hip (9). The lady in the red criss cross and tanga panties is Winona Martin, a tattooist of some fame. A bird files on her butt (10), and an owl looks out from her side (11).

   Costumes at this "bikini contest" are a mixture of the homemade, swimwear, and underwear. Of unusual interest is the X-back tie of Debbie Hill's purple string bikini, and the criss-cross halter worn by Winona Martin.

   Bonge. Used by permission. 11 pictures.
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