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Raquel Welch Topless But Covered

Studio and beach
December 1979 RW197920

   Topless with hands over the breasts and blue string nombril.

   TML. Armpits.

   Welch, a product of the 1960s, bikini icon and sexual revolutionary, holds steady to her promise to refuse to model topless or nude. It is now 15 years past her animal loincloth bikini of One Million Years B.C. and overtime for a cover feature in Playboy. Today she wears only bikini briefs, but crosses her arms in front of her breasts (1). She isn't wearing a top, but her assets remain hidden (2).
   Outside she wears the same swimsuit and strikes a similar pair of poses (3, 4).
   Her fans, who insist on nudity, paint out her bikini brief and replace it with pubic hair; this is but one of many different styles (5). Nudity by manipulation also creates the possibility of the plausiable denial of nudity, "but mom, I didn't really do it, they just altered me." In Raquel's case the record is very clear.

   Ah, the hand-covering-the-breasts shot. This method of coverage provides a delicate compromise for the woman who wishes to be topless yet covered at the same time.
   She is, as she has been many times before, the cover girl (RW197910).

    Inside, Playboy, December 1979, and various other poses collected from the Internet. 5 pictures.
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