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Raquel Welch Poncho and Holster-kini

Hollywood Pool
1971 RW197110

   Sideless poncho and leather holster culotte. Gun. A loop of leather around the lower thigh secures the bottom of the holster.

   TML. Side cleavage.

   Raquel draws aside her poncho with one hand (1), fingers her gun (2), draws her weapon (3), and points it at you (4).

   Last year Welch strutted in a fetish "bikini" (RW197010); this year she again demonstrates how to creatively expand the parameters of the bikini. The poncho covers the answer to the question as to whether the gun belt is only a belt or if it part of a brief. Raquel is clearly topless under the poncho, but controls any exposures. But as the 1970s continue the topless challanges continue as well (RW197610).

   Publicity stills from Hannie Caulder, Tigon Pictures, 1971. 4 pictures.
RW19711005.JPG RW19711003.JPG
RW19711007.JPG RW19711010.JPG