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Raquel Welch Vogue Ring Bikini

Pool near the beach
1969 RW196905

   Brown center ring halter and sidering nombril.

   TML. N-6. Cleavage.

   Raquel wears a new silhouette for a fashion shoot for Vogue (1). She stands by the water (2), walks (3), lifts her chin (4), and stretches her arms (5). The magazine picture features her torso (6).

   This is an change in direction from last year (RW196810). Next year the bikini gets a twist (RW197005).

    Collected from the Internet, CD-ROMs and magazine sources. Date is based on one reference which indicated that .60 ran in Vogue in 1969. 6 pictures.
RW19690510.JPG RW19690520.JPG RW19690530.JPG
RW19690540.JPG RW19690550.JPG RW19690560.JPG