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Jean Harlow Scoup Tank Maillot

Movie set, Hollywood, CA
July 1934 JH3410

   Shoulder strap black or dark maillot with belt and décolletage.

   TL. Cleavage décolleté.

   We look down upon her as she stands in the pool shwllows (1, 2, 3, 4). Possibly some of these pictures are flipped left to right (5). The magazine cover girl (6). Sitting down (7).

   This maillot, another Harlow standard, features cleavage, a belt, but the focus here is not on the deeping of the back or the armhole.
   MJM numbers suggest that this set procedes JH3330.

   MGM MG-32768 and others. Sources include Richard Lawton, Grand Illusions, McGraw Hill, New York, 1973, p. 163. Contributions from ZonononZor [bbs], flickr.com, including harlow11star,chickeyonthego, uf28, and others. Cover, Movie Classic magazine, July 1934 as per acephotos.org and whosdatedwho.com. 7 pictures.
JH3410_10.JPG JH3410_20_1934-2.JPG JH3410_30_2388585940.JPG
JH3410_32_Annex_18.JPG JH3410_40_3752288968.JPG JH3410_50_1934-4.JPG