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Jean Harlow Nude in the Bathtub

Bathtub, California
1931-1932 JH3205

   Apparently nude.


   This pair of images look to be part of the same shoot. Harlow sits in the bath (1). Harlow looks out from behind the shower curtain (2).

   Very sweet but combines the brashness of her not wanting you to be there (in the first images) vs. playful (second shot).

   MGM MG-26161. From harlow11star, flickr.com and Ebay.com. 1932 is an estimated date is based on previous MGM number witness point, however morethings.com/...Jean Harlow suggests this is from Public Enemy, released by Warner Brothers, 1931. 2 pictures.
JH3205_50_ebay.JPG JH3205_60_2261347245.JPG