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Jenny Horn Strapped Maillot Tanga

Studio 57, New York
August 28, 1993 JE9346

   Hot Line pink T-back suspender maillot, which is also a maillot tanga.

   TMLA <> TMLBA. N-2.

   Jenny leans over to adjust the radio. The pose catches much of her behind; you can see the marks on her butt from the chair she was sitting on a moment ago (1). She turns and is caught bare-breasted by surprise (2) and grabs the straps (3) so she can carefully place them across her nipples.
   She less carefully sits back in the chair (4).

   The play between the suspender maillot and the nipple is rich. Because most of the breast is in play and because the breast has no foundation, the strapped suspender maillot affords no reliable nipple coverage. It is thus topless maillot unless carefully controlled, which is almost impossible in an open environment. It is never been spotted on Topless Beach, although it is legal there; perhaps because it puts the nipple into play in a nipple permissive environment is why it is verboten.
   Less adventuresome bikiniites wear the suspender with a top layered over or under the maillot.
   See AB9342 wearing this same swimsuit, and V198305 wearing it with a top.

   Fantasmo. 4 pictures.
JE934601.JPG JE934603.JPG
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