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Josephine Baker La Revue des Revues

Folies-Bergères, Paris, France
1927 JB2720

   T-front topless maillot beaded dance costume. Feathers. Armbands, big earrings.

   TMLB. Inguinal.

   Josephine smiles in various publicity pictures and postcards in one of her most famous outfits. In one of the shots she wears a bra (1), but in other poses she is topless (2), including a beautiful hand-tinted images (3), and an image attributed to Stanislaus Walery (4).

   This is one of the most famous Josephine Baker images.

   Scanned from a black and white print purchased on the street, images found on babylonx.com and Tallulahs Images CD-ROM. 4 pictures.
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