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Brigitte Bardot Visits Cannes for the First Time

Beach at Carlton Hotel, Cannes, France
1953 BB5310

   Bandeau and nombril.

   TML. N-3. Bellage. Armpits.

   Roger Vandam is sometimes credited with bringing Brigitte Bardot to Cannes, and it is here, in 1953 at the age of 19, that Bardot poses on this famous beach for the onlookers who also help make the Film Festival an international event. A barechested man and a hairdresser in a similiarly sized bikini prepare her for the shoot (1). With her back to the Carlton Hotel she stretches (2, 3 ), then puts her hands to her hips (4). In a more private venue she sits (5), and lies on her stomach (6).

   The constructed bandeau and strong horizontal waistline below the navel define bikini extremes circa the early 1950s. The combination of the starlet, the exposure and the venue work together to cast the event into history, and encourage research.

   Serge Lido, and possibly other photographers. These widely distributed reproductions are collected from magazines and the Internet, and are probably found in the collections of most large stock photo agencies. Date and one image from Sean French, Bardot, Pavilion Books, London, 1994. .02 and .03 from simesite.net, 2005. 6 pictures.
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