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Faux Annette Kellerman Restaqe Bathing Unitard

Faux Beach (studio)
1909 C1909A

   Black sleeveless unitard.

   The face and all of the arms.

   The subject stands (1). The chair is very period and may be seen in many postcards of the late oughts.

   "The 'Annette Kellerman Diving Suit'--Cole has created an exact replica of the scandalous diving suit which was first worn by the courageous Miss Kellerman. Prior to this time, shoes and heavy stocking were always worn with the suits. Needless to say, the suit led to her arrest when she appeared on a public beach. Shocking as it was, this started the trend toward modern swimwear." -- Cole picture caption.

   Picture courtesy Cole, publicity picture, circa 1984. The Cole caption suggests her arrest was circa 1909, but other sources suggest the arrest was 1907 which is the year Bikini Science adopts for this milestone. Northnet.org suggests 1910 and ocf.berkeley.edu date the event to 1909. All agree Boston's Revere Beach is the location. Go to the Annette Kellerman page for the full perspective. 1 picture.