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Ursula Andress Micro Bandeau and Very Low Culotte

Lido di Ostia (Ostia Beach), Italy
1954 UA5410

   Micro bandeau and scouping nombril.

   TML. N-5. Cleavage.

   Ursula stands on the beach holding a rubber raft behind her back (1). Crawley and Caraeff write that the eighteen year old "carries her own rubber boat because she doesn't accept rides from strangers."

   Bikinis hardly come smaller than this, even twenty years later. Ursula demonstrates that a Swiss miss plunging into the Mediterranean at the mouth of the Tiber is prepared to reveal much more than Americans are, and shows a window into the future.
   A scandal sheet writes, "Back in Italy after a brief Hollywood fling, Ursula began dropping her briefs. 'What amuses me making a film? Looking in the eyes of the technicians when I take my clothes off. I've nothing against nudity. We are both this way.'"

   Photo credited to the Kobal Collection but appears in multiple sources. Scanned from Tony Crawley and Ed Caraeff, Screen Dreams: The Hollywood Pinup, A Delilah Book, distributed by The Putnam Publishing Group, 118 25th St., New York, 1982, p. 30. 1 picture.