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Philomène Toulouse Bikini and Fox

Cannes, French Riviera, France
June 1962 L196210

   Center-tie haltered bandeau and sidetie nombril. Headband.

   TML. Cleavage. N-5.

   Philomène reclines on her side wearing her skimpiest bikini. She holds her her fox as a young boy watches from behind (1).

   Life magazine reports that Cannes is "full of girls" and that "Philomène was smart. She also brought her fox. She sure got her picture taken."
   But do not be confused: this is not a typical 1962 American bikini silhouette; this is the silhouette of the European pinup girl.

   Paul Schutzer, photographer, "You Can at Cannes," Life, June 15, 1962, p. 84-85. 1 picture.