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Ms. Emblematic Bra and T-front Maillot

Fire Island, New York
June 1988 FI8820

Red spandex bra over black T-front T-back maillot. White baseball hat. Sunglasses.

   TML. Armpit. Brushing hair.

   From behind, sitting in a beach chair (1). And then after she reclines, from the side (2). The documentation of the strap up the front could be advanced, but when one samples life sometimes the story is more important than every little detail.

   The straps goes up the middle of the chest, part and run around the neck, and descend down the back.
   This [Latina?] lass wears the bra overtop the t-front; its simple removal allows topless advancement. Following toward layering off the t-front link.

   Wildlife. 2 pictures.
FI882001.JPG FI882002.JPG