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The Three Tees T-backs All

Coney Island, New York
September 1990 CI9008

   A: Yellow and black U-back maillot tanga.
   B: Black t-back maillot.
   C: Black t-back maillot tanga.


   Three beachgoers stand in a small group. A and B (1). A and C (2). The two tangas have two different backstyles, and the two T-backs have different bottoms.

   These are the first maillot tangas spotted in New York. Swimsuit styles which expose the butt are adopted quickly by Hispanics and Blacks perhaps because (like their Brazilian contemporaries) they possess a fuller body type, bigger backside, and rounder stomach, and are thus daring to put backside in play. And this group is not along in this regard at Coney Island.

   Wildlife. 2 pictures.
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