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Contestant Five Makes It to Round 3

Coconuts, Cocoa Beach, Florida
March 20, 1993 CB9375

    White T-shirt over red, green, blue, and yellow string pretzel maillot tanga.

   MLA > TMLA. N-3. Centros and underside cleavage. Inguinal.

   Contestant Five appears with her T-shirt dangling about her bare rump (1). She teases it up (2), then rips it open in the front (3) and lets it fall off her arms (4). She is the first to perform this maneuver and the crowd loves it (5), as she exits to cheers (6).
   She performs her parade in Round Two flawlessly (7, 8, 9), and makes it into the final round (10).

   Large breasts, a sense of motion, sewing skills, and a sense the drama all play an important role in the bikini contest. And yes, these girls are indeed glued into their suits.

   Wildlife. 10 pictures.
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