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The Architecture of Bikini Science
How the Website is Organized
   Bikini Science is a virtual model of the real world of bikinis, beaches, and bikiniites (the wearers of bikinis), both from a historical perspective, as well as the interplay between the costume and the observer. For clothes are one aspect of being human, after all.
   Bikini Science is all about bikinis--and what makes that science?

The Categories
   The scientific model of the real world of bikinis, like the real world itself, presents people, costumes, space, time, and momentum. This "who, what, when, where and why" model provides a way to approach our topic with five independent access methods into our website environment; these are found on the menu bar at the top of each page:

   Time Machine

The five worlds are called the five Categories of Bikini Science. In physical terms this is mass/space/time model that attempts to search for momentum and motivating factors.

The Dubyas
   Each of these five worlds contains a series of sections, which together are referred to as the Dubyas of Bikini Science, named after the five above-mentioned W's of journalism. For example in the Time Machine category the dubyas are a sequence of two dozen pages, one for each half-decade. In the Models category they are the individuals; in the Costumes category they are the various species of bikini; and in the Locations category they are various beaches around the world. The Professor category is help related, and includes an overview, the exposures, a biography, and credits.
Bikini Science Architecture
Bikini Science is a virtual world of models, bikinis, history, locations, and the motovations of the bikini.