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   Gloria Petron designed and painted the interface screen backgrounds, the button icons, and the characters that decorate the Bikini Store. It is her humor and drawing style that gives much of this product its hit. Brenda Garcia created the initial templates of the Bikini Store costumes and character. Gary Martin painted the drawings that illustrate the Bikini Science Times in the Time Machine section. Sue Hurd scanned and color corrected many of the pictures.

   Gwen Sylvan helped with much of the permissions and releases. Adrian Butash provided a constant inspiration and assured us the project made sense. Chris Shostack always had an eye out for clipping, the unexpected bikini, and interesting facts.

   Micheal Smethurst helped write functions and in the course of creating other products, helped polish the code. Elizabeth Gencarelli was drafted when we needed functions too tedious to write ourselves. Suzanne Dimant helped theorize the structure of the product and its conversion to the internet.

   Kristina Watt assisted in some of the writing.

   Thank you to all the talent--amateurs, professionals, the posed, the candid--who contributed their spirit to this endeavor.

   Thank you to all the photographers, illustrators and other creators of image who helped create the visual record we present here.

The Designers
   Swimsuits, like most things in our civilized world, are created by design. They are thought about with an eye toward beauty, market, utility, and many other factors. Although usually unidentified, each bikini herein has a creative person behind it too.

And You To
   As Duchamp said, it is the viewer who completes the artwork.

Some of the people who helped.