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Sidering Maillot Miokini Animation

Illustration Diagram
1988 BSD8877

   Sidering miokini maillot.

   TML. Cleavage.

   This comparison diagram suggest how the sidering maillot can animate (1). Rising the position of the rings on the side of the maillot changes the tension point with many implications.

   With a low waistline (left), the siderings encourage occultation of the inguinal line and even the possibility of occultation of the belly button. A legline at or above the waistline (center), similar to the v-kini brief, encourages inguinal and produces a diamond-shaped belly. Lifting the waistline to the side of the breast (right) enables deep cleavage at the front of the brief and forces cleavage to the sides of the breasts. Note how the center ring at the top of the maillot rises gently as the legline rises dramatically.

   Second Skin Manuscript, 1988. 1 picture.