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A Swimsuit Recordtype Table of Variables

North America
1988 BSD8840



   This is a detailed recordtype for the sociologist of the swimsuit (1). It consists of variables which are either categorical (e.g. what kind of soutien gorge) or quantitative (the height of the legline). It includes a space for the manufacturer, the wearer (a.k.a the model, the subject, the talent, the sweetheart), the watcher, and if a recording is made, the medium and date.

   This records encourages a wide range of modifiers (see BSD8808) for an individual scene to be logged by the Bikini Scientist. For example, Réard's 1946 bikini contained 128 square inches of cloth, and even given today's technology, it is hard to wear less than one ounce.

   Judson Rosebush, Bikini Science Hypercard Stack, 1988. 1 picture.