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Relationships Between the Bikiniite & the Voyeur




There are three relationships between the bikiniite and the observer (1).
   First person: The bikiniite looks at the camera, and the observer looks at the bikiniite. Voyeur and voyeuree make eye contact.
   Second person: The view seen by the model, or subject; the subject not looking at the camera, or possibly even aware of its presence.
   Third Person: The view of the bikiniite and/or the observer as seen by a third party, in which neither looks at the camera.

   First person is sometimes said to be emitting eyeons, a bikticle emitted from the eye. Eyeons are a particularly special case of bikinic particles because in order for eyeons to be perceived they must also be emitted by the perceiver. Thus of all the bikticles, they and only they form a closed loop. See (SM8503) for example; or tries to hide (SM8518).

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