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Legline Graph 1900-1920

North America
1900-1920 BSD8832

   Maillot pantaloon or maillot skirted pantaloon and stockings. Shoes.


   The focus on legline is complicated by its double-striptease: Both are charted together here (1).

   By the late 1910s the calf and thigh are both being bared.
   Fission in fact begins at the knee. The legline rises but the calf and foot remain covered because the ankleline (hoseline) is just below knee. The leg is uncovered as as sock/hose/stocking/ drifts downward--knee-high, calf-high, ankle-high, off. Shoe is its own complicated item which is largely sidestepped in Bikini Science (as are gloves).

   Judson Rosebush, Second Skin Manuscript, 1988. 5 pictures.