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The PhotoZonal System

Theory of Crops



   In Bikini Science sometimes the camera is brought to the subject in a series of standardized crops, or compositions are made. Crops are camera framings of the subject. Predefined crops frequently employed in Bikini Science include Fives, Sevens, and Eights.
   Fives: Five crops or views of a standing subject shot according to the following plan: A full shot with the subject facing the camera, a closeup (CU) of the top front, a closeup (CU) of the bottom front (1), a close up (CU) of the bottom back, and a full shot of the back (2) or occasionally a free-style shot of some detail of the suit or the wearer.
Sevens: Seven crops or views of a standing subject. The crops are: Full figure front and back, torso front and back, chest, pelvis front and back.
   Eights: A set of crop positions of a subject which is a set of sevens plus a closeup of the back.
   In all cases the purpose of the Fives and beyond is to document the front and back of the swimsuit.

   The Bikini Scientist is also reminded that many scenes are not crops but rather a sequence, a serial series of pictures, usually shot from the same point of view and of a progression of action.

   Bikini Science Research Department Graphic. 2 pictures.
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