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The Fashion Lines Animated

North America
1988 BSD8809



   This early drawing documents the various fashion lines and how they migrate on the body over time (1).
   Quantification of the position of the fashion lines requires stable baseline; for example, the inches of bellage above or below navel, or the inches of legline above kneeŅa classic legislative measure.
   A more qualitative description inventories a progression of the exposures created by the animating fashion lines. Erotically increasing cleavage leads to nipple exposures, either directly or via a careful eye. Exposing the stomach upward vectorizes the navel, belly, neathage, and nipples. Bellage downward in the front reveals the pelvic bone, pubis and pubic hair; in behind bellage downward reveals the sacral dimples, lozenge of Michaelis and cleft of the buttocks and posterior rugae . Lifting the legline reveals the foot, ankle, calf, knee, thigh, hip, buttocks and pubic hair in the crotch.

   A detailed discussion of the concept of the fashion lines, and details about them, is found at The Fashion Lines page. For some information bout the body landmark see BSD8812.

   Judson Rosebush, Bikini Science Hypercard Stack, 1988. 1 picture.