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Leg Warmers (Leggings)
Leg Warmers Defined
   Leg warmers are included among the -tards because of their natural relationship to the leg--a part of the body we often overlook as an erogenous zone in the 21st century. By definition a leg warmer is a footless costume which covers a part of the leg, in particular the thigh, knee and/or calf (JE9213). They may cover any one of these parts, or any combination. Like hose, leg warmers comes in pairs; leg warmers are equivalent to stockings minus the feet, or slacks minus the pelvis. Counting both legs together leg warmers have four edges.

Leg Warmers in Practice
   Leg warmers enjoy more currency in the realm of exercisewear than swimwear, where uncovering more skin is usually more important than retaining body warmth. They are often made of bulky wool, but are also made with cotton, and/or synthetic fibers.
   Leg warmers were popularized in the early 1980s when the aerobics craze swept Europe and America. The movie Flashdance, most famous for its scissors cut off-shoulder croptop, also popularized the leg warmer as part of a costume. Leg warmers are worn over bare legs, but are also worn layered over top tights and unitards, where they can offer colorful combinations.
Leg Warmers
Leg warmers are often worn in combination with exercisewear.