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Nipple Jewelry

Nipple Adornments
   Another variation on toplessness is the adornment of the bare breast with tattoos and jewelry, especially piercings of the nipple and nipple shields.
   Given a topless beach, that is a costume with bare breast and with the areola not covered with a pasty, so that the the areola and nipple are fully exposed elements. Such an environment invites decoration and adornment punctuation (FKA86V, MP4310). The vocabulary of advances to the areola and nipples include makeup, nipple piercings, shields, and tattoos. Fastening a pasty may be done with glues or spring clips, but when studs through the nipple are used to mount art surrounding the nipple, the pasties cross over into what are more commonly called nipple shields, and their role in adornment. And not just on the topless beach. In all pinup.
Nipple Piercings
   Nipple piercings occur in singles and pairs and involve a number of form factors. These include the practical horizontal barbell (UGA7C1-C2, UGA7D1, UGA510, UGA7A0) as more rarely vertical (UGA630, UGA770, UGA7F1), and doubles as well (UGA730-31). Nipple jewelry also includes loops (UGA7E1-E2, UGA820), rings (UGA620, UGA570), horseshoes aka u-bolts (NP8112), S-bars (SK99I0), and combinations of rings and studs together (UGA760). Some subjects elect to wear only one nipple pierced (UGA710-19).
   Nipple piercings enhance the bare breast of the subject who visits the topless beach () or participates in a pride parade (). And they can complement especially the pinup fashions of nippleless (LK9370, LK9340) and boobless (LK9345) bikinis and maillots (LK9365), cage halters (YSA845BS) and bras (YSA850BS). And rings may play a roll in all breast teases (e.g., UGA630, LK9335BS), because piercings (and tattoos) provide a reason to show off.

Nipple Shields
    A shield may be thought of as a nippleless pasty held on by a stud--e.g., a barbell through the nipple. Shields emerge with the body art movement, and may be spotted by the early 1980s (NP8110). They are frequently seen on just one breast, but of course also on both (V8840). Their most famous expression is the famous Janis Jackson "wardrobe failure" (JJA450).
   Shields range from simple retainers that encircle the base of the nipple (SP8120), to small discs (FFA68W), to pasty filigree that extends outward (SP8122), sometimes even lifting the nipple upward. It is not unusual for the coverage of the shield to occult coverage of the areola (FKA47A). This is one of its pasty resonances.

   Tattoos around and on the breast which gather up focus onto the nipple (UGA790) can complement not just bikinis and pasties, but when the breast is bare, nipple rings and shields also (BT8610). Such tattoos can include designs which encircle or focus on the areola and nipple (ZX2R55, SK99N0), designs with involve tattooing the areola (UGA521BS, UGA7B0) and/or nipple itself (), or both (UGA810-12). Art can also combine piercings with tattoos (AT8708BS, UGA850BS). This clubber has her single nipple piercing integrated into a feather tattoo (SK99N0).
   After 2000 whole bodies acquire decoration, as the modern again learns the ways of the primitive. There has always been a tattooed lady--but now there are many more of them, and the art form is more widely mediated. The post-bikini primitive may still wear le minimum (or not), but she and he may well take on tans, makeup, and hair dye. But it is one's tattoos, piercings, cuttings, and other indelible markings that differentiate the new body (UGA910).
   Permanent re-figurement extends a broad continuum that ranges from removable makeup, to body paint and oils, to more permanent suntans, bruising, piercings, and to the permanent decorations. Superpower men and women advance the ingesting of ritualized tribal primitive self. Meanwhile all of us get random scarification generated by vestigial nuclear bomb radiation, solar rays, the earth furnace beneath us, and an occasional tiger.

Related Species and Subjects
   The copy above already suggests relationships to the topless species, as well as the pasties. This is the rare situation of a Mermaid who apparently wears purple tape to partly cover up nipple rings (MP4090). Add to this the unclassifiable wild costumes.

In a topless environment the decoration of the body becomes a natural progression.
St. Maartin Topless Beach Nipple Piercing
Mermaid Parade Nipple Pierce Barbell
Vertical Nipple Pierced Tattooed Pudenda
Nipple Pierce Horseshoe
Cage Halter and Pierced Nipples
Cage Bra and Pierced Nipples
Nipple Shield
Burning Man Nipple Shields
Oregon Fair Nipple Shields
Tattooed Areolas
Tattooed Areolas
Tattooed Areolas
Tattooed Areolas UGA850BS
Tattooed Areolas UGA910
Mermaid Parade Nipple Pierce and Pasties
Wild Tops
Wild Tops