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Neck-ring Halter

Neck-ring Defined
   The neck-ring halter, or a collared halter, is a soutien-gorge which surrounds the neck and then supports the front of the garment from the front of the neck (MM4720). The neck-ring is a halter in that, topologically, it has a strap around the neck. But the neck-ring differs from a normal halter in that in a normal halter provides a triangle of support from the center of the neck to the top of the breasts, whereas the neck-ring supports from the front center.

Variations of Design
   Several different methods exist to support the front of the neck-ring haler. These include steel rings, strings and cords (WG7306), and cloth. The neck ring may be quite narrow or it may have a lot more substance. Leather halters play a role in fetish attire, and similar silhouettes appear in swimwear.
   The neck-ring is sometimes confused with the criss-cross halter; see the discussion on that page to clarify the distinction.
The neck-ring halter moves the tension point from above the breasts to the center of the chest.
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Neck Ring Halter
Criss-cross Halter
Criss-cross Halter