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Tap pants

Tap Pants Defined
   Tap pants (a.k.a. side-cut shorts, dance shorts) are an open-legged split-side exercise short, worn either alone or over a maillot, briefs or a g-string (fig. 7-8). They are one of several types of shorts, except they are designed for freedom of movement.
   Tap pants provide an agile compromise for the otherwise too-revealing, extended the geographic range of the permissible, e.g., a tanga maillot worn not on Venice Beach, but on the shopping stores inland. Tap pants can be worn solo of course, that is with nothing underneath.

The Origins of Tap Pants
   Tap pants take their name from their function--they are a shorts worn by tap dancers, especially while practicing their routines. The slide up the side of the leg enables the dancer to move freely.Caption   Tap pants get their name from tap dancing, and are a shorts worn for freedomof daqnce movement.