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Capri Pants

Capri Pants Defined
   Capri pants are a leg covering with a waistline at about the navel and a legline at the calf. As such, capri pants are part of a continuum from slacks to pantaloons, and beyond. Unfortunately the defining characteristic of the legline cannot be seen in this illustration.

The Revelation of Calf
   Like slacks, capri pants play a role in the early evolution of the swimsuit.... And like other leg coverings they continue to combine, often in playful ways, with a variety of bikini tops in a variety of bikini locations--for example they are spotted worn overtop maillots at topless beach locations (SM8813, SM8852).

Bathing Dresses with Bloomers
   Capri pants never really play a role in the development of the swimsuit unless one wants to consider bloomers with their calf-length legline. Bloomers are an ingredient of many species of the swimdress, and are especially obvious in the bathing dress middie bloomered after 1870. As the bloomers recede up the leg and the dress becomes more skirt like this species will evolve toward the maillot skirted pantaloon.

   The defining characteristic of capri pants is a legline at the calf. Capri pants represent a point in-between slacks and pantaloons.