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Perfect 10 Bikini Contests

1992 PT9210

   String bikinis and pretzel maillot.


   A group of women pose in a Bikini Contest #1 (1). And another group pose in Bikini Contest #2 (2).

   It is conjectured that many of these bikini contest contestants are dancers, and that many of these costumes are homemade. They certainly have a creativity of fabric, color, and silhouette that is difficult to find in a bikini store, let along the rare store that caters to dancers. Once again the ecdysiast is only barely ahead of her beach companion.

   "CRSLIN.GIF" and "FOXHNT.GIF", The Movie BBS, PO Box 1793, Bowling Green Station, New York, NY 10274, download dates Nov 3 and Oct 13, 1992. 2 pictures.
PT921010.JPG PT921020.JPG