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Contestents Gotcha Bikini Contest

Outdoor stage, Hawaii
Summer 1988 GO8801

   Colorful halters and v-kinis.
   Colorful halters and tangas.
   (String as well as adjustable v-kini.)

   TML or TMLA. Cleavage. Cheeking.

   The view from below the stage and in front catches six girls in the lineup. The foreground is crowded with onlookers, videographers, and a photographer up on stage (1). The line of contestants turns around and from behind there is a continuum of buttage--fullbacks, halfbacks and tangas (2). A full figure of one of the finalists in competition (3). A full figure of another (4).

   Tangas are in play in Hawaii in a Bikini Contest.

   "Gotcha Pro Bikini Contest Photos," courtesy and with thanks to and permission from Elizabeth Gencarelli. Photos by her brother-in-law. 4 pictures.
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