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Ms. Tee Beach Cheek

Beach exterior
January 1988 EL8801

   Andre Van Pier lycra/spancex orange-red sidestrapped T-back high-legline maillot tanga. With bracelets, a hat and a towel. $150.

TMLB, although not a two piece.

   See from the side so the full buttocks are implied but are only partly visible. There is a very high legline and narrow front, and cleavage to the side (1).

   Says Elle, "Come on thong in a strappy, stripped-down cut; send temperatures soaring in classic tanky-panky. T-backed G-string...beach-wear to B-ware!"

   Gilles Bensimon, photographer. "Strong Suits," Elle, January, 1988, p. 84. Model unidentified. 1 picture.