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Natalie Wood Revealing Coversation

Cannes, France
1963 NW6310

   Cotton striped string neckstrap constructed halter and sidestrapped nombril bikini.

   TML. N-4. Cleavage. Inguinal lines above the culotte.

   Natalie Wood, a move star at age 25, reclines on her couch in a striped bikini (1). Life reports that as the camera clicks, a friend urges her to act "slightly sensuous." The defensiveness of the hands and the legs, balance the explicitness of the suit to help make this a dynamic picture.

   This is an extremely revealing costume for a leading American actress. The darted push-up uses foundation to emphasize cleavage, while the briefs, worn low on the hip sport a waistline below the crest of the ilium. It has been argued that although sides of the brief are indeed very narrow that they are not separate side straps and that the culotte should be classified as a nombril, abet an extreme one, and not a sidestrapped.

   "An American at Cannes," Life, 1963. Scanned from David E. Sherman, editor, Life Goes to the Movies, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1975, p.70. 1 picture.