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Mable Normand Water Nymph

1912 MN1250

   Black shortsleeve bathing unitard.

   None. Arms.

   Mack Sennett recruits fashion model Mable Normand from Vitagraph to become the Keystone pinup girl. Looks she she is ready to dive in (1)!

   Mable wears an Annette Kellerman diving suit (AK0915). But the fashion model and Water Nymph better watch out: See that very closed up sleeve--almost a short sleeve that Mable's wearing. Some of the new girls arn't so shy about that (RR1350)! And in four years the comedies are rolling in Keystone Girls (KY1650).

   Water Nymph, Keystone film, probably one-reeler,1912. Daniel Blum, A Pictorial History of the SIlent Screen, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1953, p. 31. 1 picture.